Sunday, December 10, 2006

big changes!

well I've been in love with my laptop and even more in love with ubuntu, but I felt it was time for a change-- so I decided to put xubuntu on my IBM Thinkpad T42, the result is bliss beauty and love. seriously though, I really like it. I decided that I would try out xubuntu for a few reasons namely:
I didnt see a lot of people that have documented using xubuntu as a "cutting edge" operating system-- it was usually used as a way of modernizing some archaic machine
I'm a bit of a minimalist and really love the xfce4 winow manager.
and lastly-- I was bored.
So after the initial install I have to say, I love it! By default it used the ati driver for my Radeon 9600 but interestingly it supported dri and aiglx so that ment I was able to install beryl and have a very nicely integrated "flashy" desktop. I configured the panels, themes, and wallpaper to get a wonderful "cutting edge" look and best of all it's relatively low memory usage. (My 1gb of ram makes this a non-issue) Right now I'm going to work a little bit on the power management and some of the other accessories. Expect more updates! Oh and whoever put the bookmark to this site-- that made my day today and inspired me to continue the blog. Thanks buddy! I'm always ready to help people out and try new ideas etc. so please leave comments with suggestions/questions/comments! Thanks.

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