Monday, December 11, 2006

hdaps neverball and smackpad

Before I did my "switch" over to xubuntu I was playing around with my hdaps and getting it to do some pretty crazy stuff. First I will explain the concept of a "smackpad"-- it's a way of using the Hard Drive Active State Protection system to detect a smack on the left of the computer and have it switch to the virtual desktop to the left and then also detect the smack on the right side to swtich to the virtual desktop on the right. This is pretty much useless other to have people say "hey that's cool!"

If you really want someone to say "that's cool" then you should setup the neverball game in conjunction with hdaps. If you just type "modprobe hdaps" then sudo apt-get install neverball (found on the multiverse repository?) then it will automaticly allow you to use your laptop as a controler. This is accomplished by tilting the computer foreward to allow the ball foreward as well as tilting left, right, and back. THis one definately is fun and gets people's attention when they see you tilting your computer all over the place......